ReForest App


As part of my graduation project for the Lighthouse Labs Web Development bootcamp, I led a team of 3 developers to design and build an eco-friendly waste management web application. Utilizing the AWS Rekognition service, the app allows users to identify waste by capturing photographs. The project was built using a combination of React, Auth0, and PostgreSQL on the backend. I was responsible for the front-end design, implementation of features, and development of the database, including a gamified version to engage users and provide a space for them to compare progress with friends.


Team Size: 3

  • * Overseeing project's development
  • * Contributed to the design of the initial wireframe
  • * Participated in front-end and back-end development
  • * Design of the gamified version of the app to engage and provide a space to compare progress with friends


  • React
  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Rekognition
  • Material UI
  • React Testing Library
  • Jest
  • Cypress
  • Styled Components
  • Axios